The Gospel of Christ invites us to cherish and affirm each person as a gift from God.

In keeping with this we in St. Agatha’s Parish undertake to do all in our power to create a caring, nurturing and safe environment for all, where the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk is paramount. This is a central and fundamental responsibility of our parish and inherent in the teaching and mission of Jesus Christ, with love, justice and the sanctity of each human person at the heart of the Gospel.

At St. Agatha’s Parish we ensure a commitment to zero tolerance to all forms of abuse of a child or adult, and all allegations and safety concerns of any person will be treated very seriously. For this reason, we have developed the ‘Care Protection and Safety of Children and Adults at Risk’ policy and ‘Code of Conduct’ to outline the systems and mechanisms for raising awareness, preventing, reporting and responding to safety issues related to children and adults at risk in our parish so that we are a parish where all are not only safe, but feel safe.

Code of Conduct

The principles aim to provide guidance as to behaviours and practices that are beyond reproach between young people and adults. 

The Code of Conduct is divided into three key areas:

  • Creating a positive environment.
  • Providing a safe environment.
  • Appropriate behaviour for adults.

The principles set out in this Code of Conduct are intended to support and underpin the pastoral care role of Parish Priests, religious brothers and sisters, pastoral associates, pastoral workers, employees, contractors, and the invaluable contribution of parishioners and other volunteers.

The principles aim to address perceptions of risk in interactions between children and adults and to provide guidance as to behaviours and practices that are beyond reproach. They are not intended to unnecessarily restrict the work of clergy, religious and lay people but to promote a transparent environment in which the dignity and safety of children is paramount.

To read or download the full Code of Conduct: Click Here

Creating a positive environment

The protection and promotion of children’s wellbeing is a shared responsibility of all adults. Adults who are involved in children’s activities within the Catholic Diocese of Sale or a Parish of the Catholic Diocese of Sale are responsible for creating a harmonious, safe and nurturing environment. Children must be included in the process. Children should be seen and heard. They should ‘feel’ safe as well as ‘be’ safe.

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I confirm that I am aware that St Agatha's Cranbourne expects me to uphold the published standards of behaviour described in the Parish Professional Standards for Safeguarding Children and Adults at risk.
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Reporting Process

The Diocese is committed to a policy of zero tolerance to all forms of abuse, and will deal with all reports fairly and appropriately.

What if I see something  pdf Click Here for Reporting Abuse Process (447 KB)

If you wish to speak to someone: 

Parish Priest or Child Safety Officers: John Kelly 03 5996 1985.

Diocesan Professional Standards Officer: 03 5614 5140.

If a person is in immediate danger of physical or sexual abuse: Call 000.


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