Altar Servers

St. Agatha’s Parish Altar Serving Ministry

Altar Serving is such an important Ministry at St Agatha’s Parish.

The primary role of the Altar Server is to assist Father in the celebration of the Mass every Sunday and on special feasts and occasions and are invited to serve at weekday Mass when attending.

Altar Servers assist Father during the Mass and the community through their active participation in the liturgy. Altar Serving is a ministry of service, reverence, dedication and commitment.

We also recognise that the commitment by the Server is very much a commitment by the Server's family.

  • Altar Servers rosters are emailed to families during school Terms.
  • Altar Servers are encouraged to offer to serve at another Mass when they recognise that Father does not have enough Servers.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before Mass starts

Training Sessions will be conducted during the year. Parent’s permission is required.

If you are in Year 4 and above and are interested in becoming an Altar Server or would like more information please contact the parish office on 5996 1985.


  pdf Click Here to download the permission form  (196 KB)



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