JUNIOR RCIA  - CHILD / TEEN INQUIRER REGISTRATION FORM:  Please do not register your child they are attending RE classes. 

Child / Teen's Name:
Date of Birth :
Place of Birth:
Year Level:
Present School:

1. Parent / Guardian information: 

Father's Name:
Father's Religion:
Father's Mobile:
Fathers Email:
Mother's Name:
Mother's Religion:
Mother's Mobile:
Mothers Email:
Child / Teen lives with:
If child / teen lives with one parent / guardian, please indicate who has legal custody and / or if the child/ teen also lives with step parent:

2. Religious History: 

Has your child / teen been Baptised:
What Church was your child Baptised?
Address if known:
Baptism Date:
Reconciliation/ Confession:
Reconciliation Date:
What Church did your child/ teen receive Reconciliation:
First Holy Communion?
First Holy Communion Date:
When and what parish?
For a teen: Has he / she been married or is he / she married?

3. Family Information

List the name(s) of any siblings (e.g. John - Brother; Jean - Stepsister)

Name: Relationship: Age:

4. Learning Style

Not all people learn in the same way. You can help your child/teen get as much out of this process as possible by sharing about your child's learning abilities.

In what ways do you think you child/teen enjoys learning?

Listening (Lecture; Storytelling:
Seeing (Looking at pictures; Identifying symbols; Watching a video)
Reading (At what grade level does your child/teen read? Does your child enjoy reading?
Writing (At what level is your child's/teen's writing skills? Does your child/teen like to write stories/keep a journel?
Hand On (Does your child/teen enjoy doing projects or making crafts?
Group Work (Does your child/teen enjoy working with others?

It will help to know your child's /teen's strongest attributes and challenges.  Please add below any helpful details that you think would be relevant.

For example; "Mary is very outgoing and gets excited when she is having fun.  She becomes quiet when she doesn't understand something.  She works well with other children.  Mary also has a 30% hearing loss in her left ear.  She may not hear you if you are standing behind her and speaking normally."

For Example:

5. General Questions

1. Please describe the types of religious education in which your child/teen has participated?
2. What contact has your child / teen had with the Catholic Church to date? participated?
3. What are some of the questions or concerns your child/ teen has about the Catholic Church?
4. Please summarise below the reason(s) your child/teen desires to begin the Christian initiation process.
Does your child have allergies?
Allergy details:
Ambulance cover details
Emergency Contact Number

$50 per child for the year - for materials.

Credit card payments can be taken on the phone by contacting the parish office on 5996 1985

By submitting this form you agree to bring your child to class once a week as well as bringing them to Mass at weekends.  

Mass times Saturday 6.00pm, Sunday 7.30am, 9.00am, 10.45am & 6.00pm

Copies of Sacrament certificates for RE Classes can be uploaded or emailed to the parish office at parishoffice@stagathas.org.au

Sacraments already received

If you say YES for any of the Sacraments, we require a copy of the certificate.  Please note we will always need to sight a certificate before admitting a child to other Sacraments.

Baptism/ Reconciliation Certificate Upload a File:

St. Agatha’s Parish, Cranbourne   Parental/Guardian Consent Form  

I further consent to a photograph or video image of my child being taken and used without acknowledgement, remuneration or compensation, in publications (print, websites, social media, DVDs, CDs, etc) and/or presentations of St Agatha’s Parish and the Catholic Diocese of Sale or its parishes. [Please cross out this paragraph if you do not permit your child to be photographed or videoed] 

In the event of any emergency and you are unable to communicate with me or my nominated emergency contacts, I consent to my child receiving such medical or surgical treatment (including the administration of an anaesthetic) by a registered medical practitioner as may be deemed necessary and I agree that any such treatment shall be at my expense. 

I have informed St Agatha’s Parish of any allergies or other medical conditions of my child. I shall make any necessary medication available in its original packaging placed in a bag/box clearly marked with my child’s name, dosage of medication, times of administration, manner of administration and whether the medication needs to be refrigerated.

I or my nominee shall personally hand over such medication and instructions to the organisers. I shall ensure that such medication shall not have passed its expiry date.   

I hereby give my consent to the administration of such medication to my child as stated above.  In the event that I am unable to pick up my child after the classes, I shall inform the organisers of the identity of the person authorized to pick up my child.

I further consent to my child being videoed, photographed etc sign:
If participant is under 18, do you give permission for this person to collect your child?
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First Communion Parent Information Workshop
Date 19.07.23 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
26 Jul
First Communion Parent Information Workshop
Date 26.07.23 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
30 Jul
St Mary Mackillop Novena Prayers
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First Communion Parent-Child Workshop
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