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Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council consists of the Parish Priest and a group of parishioners chosen by the parish community. The Pastoral Council’s role is to promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ in the world. It shares in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the St Agatha’s faith community, and works together with parishioners to provide support for their efforts to live as followers of Christ at a personal and a communal level, aimed at the effective transformation of society.

St Agatha's Parish Pastoral Council



Dominic PPC2

Greg Nelson
Chairperson /
St Peters School 

Raelene Holsinger

Dominic Abraham
Deputy Chairperson

 TerryCahillPPC  Michelle Bruitzman 002


Terry Cahill
St Agatha’s Primary School

Michelle Bruitzman
St Therese’s Primary school

Elizabeth Lupeamanu
Youth Representative

Epati Angela Binnu

Epati Nasalio
Council Member

Angela D'Mello
Council Member

Binnu Vechoorettu
Council Member

 SHYAM CHERUVILLILtest2  Staff Fr Joseph.JPG frantonyrebelo

Shyam Cheruvillil
Council Member

Fr Joseph Abutu
Parish Priest

Fr Antony Rebelo

Assistant Priest
Sr Mary Olofu
Sisters of the Nativity